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The most important purpose of coaching is to accompany you so that the dreams that you have today become your realities of tomorrow, and is in this process that I would like to accompany you. The main function that I have as a Coach is to help you detect your dissatisfaction gap, what does this mean? Recognize the difference between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow to help you create a road map that shows you the path that takes you toward that reality that you want to build. So you can achieve your goals it is important that you start defining and designing your future, this is * specify your desire, * measure it, * timed it, * subdivide it, * consider execution times, * capture the way on a methodological framework. This way you’ll be working on assembling the route that you must scroll through to get what you want. What is dream? It is the ability that you imagine in your mind (put images in action) what you want to live.

You already have this capability! Although some people they have it more developed than others; You can learn and to achieve this, you must begin to develop the skill and discipline to do so frequently. Achieve your happiness means to live what you want, however you can only experience that feeling if you give you the space to dream, imagine and propose new objectives. Dreams will be the main engine of your vehicle to make your desires a reality. The routine is the silent enemy that paralyzes you and you are not allowed to be in contact with your dreams. You could sum it up in a well-known phrase: what urgent does not lead to the important finding you busy in other things and not paying attention to what you most want.

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