Real Club Nautico

The Town Hall of the Board Directors of Marin has installed a WiFi service on the beach of Aguete which allows users to access the Internet lying on towel however, shorebirds are not very informed about this new technology offering. Most did it even though they acknowledge that the initiative is very good, especially for people who are working and has no time to rest and enjoy a few summer days we’ve had this year. There are more beaches in Spain and in the Galician coast that already have this service for some time, but there are always very traditional people that happens to be working the beach, or you simply prefer to sleep or play to blades to disconnect from the real world. Besides the beach, very conducive to these days in which returns to shine the Sun, there are other entertainment offerings. The warmth is ideal for getting a Tan beside the sea or enjoy the many terraces that are in Pontevedra, in the Eixample area, both its spectacular old town and is the pedestrianisation has led the change of cars by watchmen.

Palmito in the pubs of the Real Club Nautico de Sanxenxo, many pontevedreses that summer nights look there (the most successful is that Gerardo Lorenzo, brother of the well-known actor of television Francis Lorenzo runs) we can see them these days on the streets of Pontevedra with a beer in your hand or whatever is necessary. And it is really nice to enjoy the city and the street performances that these days have flooded the city is sitting on one of the many terraces that run through the Center, surrounded by friends and family and take a frozen chilly to quell the embarrassment. You know, Pontevedra is full of tourists, terraces, culture and love of fun, to prepare prior to withstand the long Galician winters..

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