Ranger Marketing

In the new year: the protection of customer data has priority at Ranger marketing of own personal data protection is a topic that is important for everyone. Data protection this prevents that unauthorized persons can access them. Just in the time of Google and Facebook, it is especially important to give carefully on his personal data of eight. The importance of data protection and data security has increased Ranger marketing continuously even in the home, because especially in the area of customer service, a high degree of sensitivity in the handling of personal data is essential. Ranger marketing has introduced in this respect special security restrictions, ensuring maximum privacy and at the same time a high efficiency in the existing processes. Not only very strict to the part of the partner privacy policy were implemented, but Ranger has imposed beyond privacy policy is even about.

Special E-learning and training for our sales knowledge is to partner and the counsellors Data protection always kept up to date. In addition a special data garbage can is used since end 2009 at all Ranger sales partners, where documents can be removed safely and reliably..

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