Railway Settlements

The house stood on a hill, offering wonderful views of the city, nestled at the foot of the Alps. Galina took out a newspaper from the mailbox and a minute later saw on the last page of the smiling face of his sister Helena. Title of the article left no doubt that the author was from their town, "Have the courage to face the dog to fill the mayor!". The local chapter also has a dog – Tornado red Doberman, who is watching, and something was terribly, not to mention some aggressive actions against the mighty dog. Galina's husband worked at the company for installation of satellite television antennas and is now in Salzburg. Came the fifth year of her life abroad.

Everything that she dreamed of a distant railway settlement, it was – good, tastefully furnished house overlooking the Rhine Valley, a successful, nezanudlivy husband, Klaus, good work and a lot of different things, called comfort. To Switzerland was a stone's throw to Liechtenstein and the closer, and in Germany could be reached in half an hour. All these charms she had learned in his first year and is pleased to announce them to family and friends. Three years ago, her mother came for a month. Ohala, all surprised and for some reason crying in the evenings.

– What are you, Mom, yet so good? – Wondered Galina, although in his heart knew the cause of sadness of the mother. She and itself for the second year of life in Austria often felt sad for no reason. – Why, dear, they have so much fun life works, and we crawl like moles underground in search of a better life and a decent salary or pension? – Wistfully asked fifty-year teacher of high school. This question is asked Galina and myself, but could not find an answer. She stood on the terrace of the house and looked at the pastoral picture in front of him. Rhine, the Alps, neat houses and clean creeping silently through the streets of the machine. The stairs to her, sniffing, approaching shaggy black Dobby. He gently lay in the far corner of the terrace, put a big head on a thick legs and sighed loudly. Galina quickly entered the house and shortly before the sad dog were two succulent sausages. Dobby looked up at her eyes full of sorrow, and she understood his embarrassment. She again went into the house and out the door she heard a loud chomping. Dog gratefully hiccupped and lay down right by the door. Only invisible movements of the skin inch by inch, he rode into the doorway. A few minutes later his head was already in the house. Two more loud sigh and fell asleep Dobby sleep of the just in the living room. Galina did not chase the dog, took off sheepskin coat and turned on the tv. Local station relished the details of the conflict in the remote Russian village, where the fearless girl slapped in the face Shepherd mayor. – Would know a reporter that lives in the town's sister heroine was almost asking to ski the very Doberman Horst Bauer! – With a smile, she thought, took the newspaper and finding a drafting room, a phone call. An hour later, the home of Galina arrived journalists and television. Dobby slept undisturbed sleep in a corner of the room. Just in case one of his eyes had been opened.

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