The greater opportunity to innovate is in the form as we generated experiences of purchase and use of the services on the part of our clients. In order to gain an outstanding space in the market we cannot make just like they do all the others, we cannot comprise of " Society of the Exceso" " society of exceso" it has an excess of similar companies, uses similar people, with similar education, with similar ideas, producing similar things, with similar prices and quality parecida." Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale (Funky Business). Many companies can respond with precision questions like these enough: As they are our products stars? What is the volume of sales of each one of the products? What is the yield of each of our lines of product? Whichever bond our product inventory? Whichever orders we received, we invoiced and we dispatched Very few companies can respond questions like these: As they are our clients stars? What is the yield of our main clients? What is the volume of businesses developed with each of our clients? Whichever new clients we have in this period? Whichever clients we have lost in this period and whatever represents in our PyG? Whichever bond our Portfolio of Clients? What is the potential value of purchase of our main clients? Like this conformed our Paretto de Clientes (20% of the clients who contributes 80% to us of the income)? In which clients are worth the pain to invest? What is the index of loyalty of our 20 main clients? That portfolio of solutions applies of better form to our clients If this is so obvious, because we continued acting Product Trims (lines of product, product managers, managers of mark, indicators of management by products, sales in volumes of product, etc.) and Trims in Processes (Quality, ISO 9000, rules, bureaucracy, the Manual, etc.) and we did not focus in being more Trims in the Client (Managers of Segment, development of memorable experiences for the client, vision of 360 of the client, service life of the client, indicators of management of clients, index of growth and loyalty of clients, value of the clients like assets of the company, empoderamiento to employees, promotion of the innovation, etc.). " The problem is not in like having new line of thought in your mind, if not in like desprenderte of viejas." Dee Hock If he wishes to know like applying concepts, strategies and tools to become one more a company oriented the client, he attends our Days Culture Client. We have designed a Session of Work of 4,5 hours in which these subjects are form pleasant and with high added value. If it is interested in knowing in question and to attend one of lasJornadas Culture Client, visits our site For greater information on this subject, or subjects related please contctenos to informacion@ mind.com.co or it visits culturacliente.com Original author and source of the article..

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