Psychology Winners

If you see someone ready to move mountains, for it must go the other, ready to turn his neck. Stas Jankowski leader operates openly, the boss – behind closed doors. The leader leads, and manages the boss. Theodore Roosevelt Creative individuals and innovators believe. They believe in themselves and in their decisions, and to bury those who do not share their point of view. They demonstrate the kind of confidence in his ideas, that the fear of defeat, pursuing other people retreat.

Gene Landrum Leaders are not born and not made by anyone – they make themselves. Stephen Covey We are rich in goods but poor in spirit! Richard Nixon was seriously prepared and steadfast anything you wish, you can to create out of nothing a great business, a huge empire, a new world. In others, it is, and they do not have the monopoly rights. Claude Bristol who repeats the old and new finds, he can be leader. After Confucius, to do correctly, the most important – is to let people know that you do well. John D. Rockefeller Everyone who opens a new business, register the company, should be given a medal for bravery. Vladimir Putin, the two words I know that the Anglo-Saxon transcription have a positive sense, and in Russian – negative.

It's 'ambition' and 'millionaire'. That said, he has an unhealthy ambition. What does it mean – unhealthy? They either have, or not. Oleg Tinkoff Who's afraid of failure, that limits their activities. Henry Ford History shows that the most famous winners usually encountered unbearable difficulties before they reached their triumph. They won because they refused be defeated. Bertie Charles Forbes Successful leaders build their organization from people wanting to climb to the very top. Jeff O'Leary Stay active. Do not transfer their work on someone's shoulders. The man says, 'Man, and Suddenly someone will come and motivate me? " Hey, if it does not appear? You must be a better plan. You must have discipline. Jim Rohn The biggest bust in this world – a man who has lost his life's passion. Matthew Arnold Responsibility – this is what people fear most. However, this is what helps us grow in this world. Frank Crane

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