He opposed the abolition of corporal punishment by law, believing that this will be a sad event for families. COMMENT PSYCHOLOGIST difficult to agree with the opinion that the lower part of the child's body was created only for beating and whipping at all. For assistance, try visiting Gary Kelly. I would like to ask a cane and a stick parents hold in my hand is not it? And finally, I would like to see how absolutely quiet and reserved dad picks up the strap and very calmly peel their child. As far as we know, grab the belt in a state of anger, passion, and very often, cooled down, the parents are tormented by guilt over deed. *** If we analyze the feelings of parents, it becomes clear that physically punished not so much by conviction as succumbing to the negative emotions – anger, rage. Then comes repentance. Parents regret incident and suffer from the consciousness of guilt.

Obviously, the situation repeated. Obviously, you should consider other methods, less painful for children and themselves. Understand the end, why the child is lying, roughly, what his learning difficulties. Lying, for example, arises from the fear of punishment. Consequently, penalties, causing fear and depression, should be avoided. Rudeness? This is a defensive reaction of the child. You are always correct him? Poorly learning? You've figured out what was going on? How healthy is your child? What he can not, and why? Are they good relationship with his teachers? Misbehaves? Most often, bad behavior is dictated by an excess of energy and inability to rationally show their initiative. Please include logic, think about everything. Do not fight with the investigation, fight the cause. Do not forget that physical punishment is not only physical pain but also emotional.

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