PSP Software

Currently the games industry moves through Microsoft platforms (Xbox 360), the Sony (Playstation 3, PSP), and above all, the Nintendo (Wii, Nintendo DS) The business is not in the sale of consoles, but in selling the software, although the high rates of piracy affecting the business. Console makers sell their machines at cost or loss and rely on game sales to recover, hence the importance of the games. Such is the case of Sega, which stopped producing consoles in early 2001. Learn more at: Steven Spielberg. Although some software producers (such as Electronic Arts have the resources to build a version of a game for all consoles, many will choose just one. In the console war, the first victim was the Atari Jaguar, Atari, who could not compete with the giants Sony, Sega and Nintendo.One way is to control piracy (copyright) is to divide the world market into six geographic areas and encoding software and consoles, so, for example, Japan-made games not consoles could run in Latin America. Microsoft entered the game in 2001 introduced the Xbox.


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