Due to the crisis and because dining out or peck with friends we can make significant outlays, is recovering in the habit of inviting to dinner and this requires knowing how to be a proper host. Let us, therefore, the protocol to receive at home. Gary cohn addresses the importance of the matter here. The word host The term comes from Greek and seems to come from the fabulous banquet organized Tiryns King, King of Thebes. According to legend, Zeus seduced his wife, Alcmene, building it was on the battlefield, taking the form of Amphitryon of this relationship born Heracles (aka Hercules). Subsequently, Plautus (254-184 BC) wanted to reflect this drama in one of his works, and was the primary motivation of the work entitled “Host”. Moliere in the seventeenth century, the great French playwright, retrieves and brings the comedy of Plautus and is in the final scene where he talks about a great banquet and where it says that “The true Host, is inviting to dinner. ” The definition became popular and the term host joins the French language. Its use gradually spread beyond its borders and arrive in Spain. Since the first edition of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Language Academy, 1869 will adopt the term as someone who has guests at your table or home. How can we be the perfect host when we get home What are the functions of the host To be a perfect host, we must ensure proper organization friendly and pleasant to all our guests, keeping in mind their tastes and preferences. As I said in the early nineteenth century, the French gastronome Brilliant-Savarin: “get someone as our guest is to take responsibility for their happiness at all times to remain under our roof. Thus, host functions are four: 1. Receive. Always be careful of people who come to welcome them. Greet, and talk a few minutes. It lengthened the conversation will be time for that, and it is wrong to have them too long at the door or entry of any place. 2.Presenter. During the course of the evening, the hosts will be responsible for presenting to guests each. 3. Discuss. The hosts must always be vigilant so that your guests are not in groups of silence. They should be able to make conversation, to introduce subjects for them, and even act as moderators. 4. Dismiss. Be ready to dismiss the guests are gone and “sound” of the same opinion regarding the evening. Thank him and send greetings to those who could not attend. How we are organized, what are the basic preparations Setting a date in advance, make a list of expected guests and the menu? How many people to invite and how to do it correctly Invite it is suitable for making phone calls, email, or speak in a gathering of friends.

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