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In analyzing the data, Xavier Vallhonrat, President of the AEF, believes that "despite the crisis is deepening in some specific sectors, the vitality of the Spanish franchise system is evident considering the increase teach the number of franchisors and the slight increase in overall turnover. The market is sensitive to the effectiveness of a formula that allows to confront the current situation and only needs the funding, now banks are failing, to recover its expansion push. " Establishments and jobs u According to the study, although the number of teaching has grown, the operating establishments, as of December 2008 has been reduced: from 58 901 in July 2008 has decreased to 58 305, 596 smaller local . If you are not convinced, visit Gary Kelly. u As a result, shows that this decline in retail outlets has affected the job destruction that has taken place according to figures from last year: they have lost 4946 jobs, to generate 240 875 jobs, the number has dropped to 235 929 People who work directly in this business model, and that they do in local 169 019 franchisees and the remaining 66 910 in its own centers. According to Xavier Vallhonrat, "these figures indicate the importance has been the growing number of banners which offset some dramatic falls, as is the case of real estate that their networks have been reduced by over 50% of establishments by causes, as is known, are attributable to their model franchisor, but the deep recession experienced by the industry. " The franchise, by regions and by origin The report also distinguished by the power AEF franchisors operating in the different Spanish regions. FindShadow founder is actively involved in the matter.

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