For instance, if you – programmer, then in the last paragraph should indicate exactly what you did, except programming, such as staging, development of the database structure documentation, testing, deployment, maintenance, etc. If you – operatsionist in the bank, it is necessary to indicate which clients to work (especially if you have large clients) and how many customers, what accounts (Ruble, currency, deposits of the population), a program like 'trading day of the bank' used, etc. If you have Web-designer, do not forget to bring references to works which you work. In your best interest to make a list as possible longer. The more experience the better chance to get a job.

Do not neglect mention of course, degree, academic papers, all kinds of bedding, etc. All this – the big projects, whether small – either way is your real-world experience that will certainly be reflected in the record. To transfer work (projects), and employers need in reverse chronological order, ie latest work should be written first, penultimate – second, etc. When the section describing the experience is omitted, it is impossible to conclude as a candidate, and a summary will inevitably lose in comparison with others. Do I need to specify a desired level of pay? It depends on the circumstances. Generally speaking, any conversation about the salary until the end of the interview usually puts the employer in a difficult position. After all, he does not know your options, did not appreciate how much you 'stand' in its scale of values and opportunities, because and can not advance to answer whether he was ready to give you the desired salary.

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