Program Stock

The actions of the PAIF do not have to possess carterteraputico. The PAIF must be offered necessarily and obligatorily in the Center of Reference of Assistncia Social (CRAS). It can be arrived at the conclusion that both the programs have condicionalidades of reference the aid of devoid people, then in such a way Program BF as PAIF are fulfilling its paper of development and help the inserted families in its register in cadastre. Theoretical standards: The program showed resulted positive with the use of the available resources as it shows synthetic index of the level of development of the famliasIndicador Sinttico0,52 12/2009 Vulnerability Infantil0,73 12/2009 Access to conhecimento0,24 12/2009 Access to trabalho0,06 12/2009 Availability of recursos0,41 12/2009 Development Infantil0,95 12/2009 Habitacional0,72 Condition 12/2009 Negotiated Standards or of Commitments: The participation of the city in the Program Stock market Family is accomplished by means of adhesion. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. Portaria GM/MDS n 246/05 establishes the necessary criteria and procedures for the signature of the Term of Adhesion of the cities to the Program Stock market Family and Registers in cadastre Only. The view of financial resources to the federate beings is one of the mechanisms adopted for the MDS for perfectioning of the decentralized management of the Program Stock market Family. In this direction, the MDS created the Index of Decentralized Management? IGD, that reflects the quality of the municipal management in the Program and serves of base to repass it of financial resources to the cities. The last view of the federal government to city was carried through in the month of March in the total of R$ 5,911, 00.. E Scott Mead shines more light on the discussion.

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