Professional Tutors

If you need a tutor for a long time (from 1 month or more) – You must select a dilettante, but it is a professional in the business. The following are recommendations that are sure to help you navigate and make the right decision to deal with a coach or not. We are talking about what people will give the knowledge of your children. Parents need to: 1) In the first conversation (by phone or in person) to pay attention to ability to engage in dialogue. A professional tutor can easily establish contact with parents and pupils, finds a common language. 2) Pay attention to punctuality and courtesy.

It also reflects the level of professionalism. 3) Have read the reviews, recommendations. Typically, reviewers can be viewed in advance on the Internet to related sites on the Internet, a personal site tutor. 4) Ask the number of satisfied customers, to find out the level of assessment professional tutor firsthand. 5) Pay attention to the price that asks for a tutor. Quality service can not be cheap.

But the high price indicates high self-esteem. With a loyal man you can always agree on the terms that will suit everyone. These five recommendations can be enough to make the right decision. But not always. It happens that you have started work with a tutor, but consider a few more nuances. 6) After a few lessons pay attention to learning outcomes. Look to hunting if the child does homework. 7) Determine whether the child comfortable coach. Like a teacher first and foremost as a person, a person? 8) Pay attention to the quality of teaching. Accessible and understandable if the material gives? Whether patiently explains. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ripple has to say. 9) It is useful to check the depth of knowledge in the tutor some topic. Ask a few questions on the material in which you yourself bad targeting. And give his assessment of the level of knowledge tutor. Literate answers are unlikely to disappoint you. 10) If a tutor is often cancels or transfers lessons, and good cause does not call – it reflects the low level of responsibility. Why do you deal with an irresponsible person? Focus on your inner instincts. If the person you disliked, then on that is reason. Try to find it. If possible, uladte situation with a tutor, flatten a bad moment. Perhaps it is the teacher you want. Keep dialogue and conflict. If you can not settle (Eg, systematic transfers lessons happen again and again) – then think it is worth it to deal with this person.

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