Professional Tooth Cleaning PTC

Is a PTC required, recommended, and without side effects? The authors of the advisors dentist lies the most important dental action make the provision to the test: a professional tooth cleaning (PTC) protects against dental disease? The author and physician Dr. Lars Hendrickson according to a PTC is only a purely cosmetic treatment and thus the greatest misnomer of in modern dentistry. A professional tooth cleaning does not protect against caries patients. Only 24 hours after the alleged preventive measure again bacterial deposits on the tooth surfaces that lead to tooth decay form”, says Hendrickson. Thus, a PTC have no long-term benefit for dental health. “On the contrary: patients weigh in on security and believe they have done something for their dental health”, the journalist Dorothea Brandt explains. Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Effective and long-term means of interest remained on the track.

That’s a conscious deception of the patients and a hypocrisy of the dental profession”, further criticized Hendrickson. Dentists could affect the dental health of patients in the long term and in the long term positive if they would recommend, for example, the sugar substitute xylitol on the screening. Instead, he leads still a shadowy existence in Germany, although is known for decades that xylitol instead of sugar reduces the risk of tooth decay to zero and may even cure tooth decay. The remaining measures in a PTC are no added value for the health, because each patient can fluoridating its teeth at home and even with the antibacterial mouthwash can kill off 98 percent of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity. A frequently offered tongue cleaning removes only the sulphur bacteria which are responsible for the bad breath, an effectiveness of this method in terms of dental health is not scientifically proven. “Due to the high abrasive effect of polishing pastes, tooth enamel is removed irreparably, the teeth become sensitive to pain and the tooth permanently damaged”, criticized Hendrickson. Also the cosmetic benefit is not permanent: by the darker dentin Shimmers through the ever-thinner enamel. “The teeth are yellow. Thomas Pfeiffer for PKpublishing

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