Professional Tooth Cleaning

For healthy and beautiful teeth, a life long healthy, beautiful teeth and healthy gums a life long – with the right brushing can achieve this everyone! The earlier it begins with the teeth cleaning, to secure einGriffe can be avoided by the dentist. In dentistry, it is possible to vermeiden disease or to detect before they cause gravierenden problems at an early stage. Years ago, the Swedish dentist Dr. Axelsson made an amazing discovery: those patients who regularly aufsuchten your dentist to check, had no better teeth than that which came only when they have pain. Really healthy teeth had only such patients regularly taking the professional tooth cleaning services.

This finding is confirmed by many other studies. Regular teeth cleaning in the dental practice through speziell trained assistants is thus an indispensable addition to the domestic oral hygiene on the Way to life-long healthy teeth. What is professional tooth cleaning? Can’t beat stubborn bacterial tooth coverings also the conscientious dental care. Therefore there are the professional tooth cleaning PTC (professional teeth cleaning), abbreviated. By this treatment, all hard and soft surfaces, as well as bacterial debris removed, caries and tooth bed illnesses are diagnosed early and nipped it in the bud. This is the most effective prevention. How does the professional tooth cleaning? At the beginning of the professional tooth cleaning the oral cavity is thoroughly examined.

The coverings on the tooth surfaces, the gaps between teeth and gum pockets with special instruments are then visualized and removed. For brushing your teeth is achieved just this BereiChe at home difficult. Remove stubborn stains are eliminated by coffee and tea consumption or cigarette smoking with this treatment. The hard surfaces are removed, come the soft deposits on the series. Serve verschiedene hand tools, small brush and floss. Because bacteria get stuck first in harsh places and niches, a Polish follows to straighten the teeth. Then the cleaned tooth surfaces are covered with a fluoride varnish. Read more from Edward Scott Mead to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This protects the tooth surfaces from the acid attacks of the mouth bacteria. Although fluoride is included in almost every toothpaste, higher konzentrierte and thus better effective fluoride products can be have a in dental practice, however. The advice on proper dental care is home to the completion of the tooth cleaning. How often should I perform professional tooth cleaning? No special circumstances exist, meet two sessions per year. Who but ever had periodontitis, or currently, should be E.g. every three months depending on the severity of frequent, Professionellen dental cleaning in the dental practice. Also if you have a high-quality dental prostheses or veneers, if all three months durchfuhren by this treatment, as long as the supply take to get. Dentist Dr. Medya Mardi

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