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The model takes part in fashion shows to catwalk shows and hair Candidates to the customer chose her. And here we must be able to find the strength not to despair, if the choice fell on a different model, and draw conclusions and move on. How to create a portfolio? Portfolio model – "tool" model, set the winning photos, from ten to thirty shots, giving an idea about you, your abilities, your experience. Your beauty is constantly in demand around if it is professionally framed photographer. Professional artistic photographs are always useful. But the most important goal portfolio – to help you clearly express yourself! Therefore the main task – to reflect the portfolio the strongest hand to present the greatest number of images that you can create. The portfolio is generally selected the best photos. It is a tool which is designed to help aspiring models find jobs in their field.

Or, more accurately – by appearance. It is advisable not to forget about the black and white photos, alternating with color photographs. Be sure to face close-up pictures without makeup. Photos are also needed in the full-length and half-frames, which are shown advantages of your figure. Important images that would express different shades of mood, for variety – one of the keys to success. For advice on how to work better photographer, you should contact your agency models.

Any woman knows from experience what it comes out of their clothes and what not. The situation is similar to photographic images. Need to find a camera angle, color, background, etc. The main thing – do not be afraid to experiment. Where to start? 1. Find the agency and modeling school, which will be your "guardian." 2. Make it a good portfolio with a professional photographer. 3. Do not even dream of becoming a model with no hard work. 4. Do not respond to suspicious ads that promise a lot of money, "young and beautiful." 5. Regularly, not occasionally, to maintain their external information: go to the swimming pool, gym, beauty salon, massage. 6. Do not take drugs or smoke! It corrupts and degrades the complexion well-being. 7. To treat others kindly, not showing aggression and overconfidence. 8. Do not behave like a "star" in the worst sense of that term. In a profession model respect and a sense of modesty humor. 9. Learn foreign languages. It is a prerequisite for career growth and employment in the West.

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