Professional Badges

A high quality novelty polar alu-print name badge! Are you looking for a quality badge, which is best suited to represent your company in a professional manner? Then should be sure the new nameplate polar alu-print “brilliant badges look at! It provides all the information you want to convey your counterparts without big words with its slightly curved design and a front plate in the head area of the nameplate, which is made of aluminium and the digital print your company logo can let you. The edges of the window made of scratch-resistant acrylic glass nameplate are laser-polished. You including a fair name cards are suitable for self labelling and can thus always be adapted to your individual needs. Extra costs for the flexible use of nametags polar alu-print”not: with any text editing program name card can in just a few seconds are printed and inserted in the name tags. In this way can at any time to respond to a change in the workforce.

Of course you are free, depending on the event purpose, color to the background of the name card. A red background could be selected for a Christmas event. Easter events could be accompanied by green or yellow. However, the neutral white suitable for every usage of this very interesting and also a practical nameplates by brilliant badges. Like we provide appropriate signatures available, need only to write email to label. The name cards can be inserted into the holder which metallic or plastic are worked, easily.

The finished assembled nameplates are already operational. Six transparent and eight covering border colors are available, so that your name tags can be selected matching to the House colour. The practical magnetic fixtures of the nameplates polar alu-print “make sure that the clothes of your employees through” Attaching never takes damage. Even more: Different magnetic strengths ensure the stability on any type of clothing. Uniforms and coats are as reliable as West and thin blouses these nameplates. “The lightweight material and the flat shape make sure that is polar alu-print badges” brilliant badges harmoniously fit to the clothing of the carrier. They so basically represent a pleasant focal point, not slip and stay exactly where they were attached and can best be seen. Two different sizes also ensure that you can bring all information you deem necessary or appropriate, so that the presentation of your company with this name badges with magnetic attachment is always perfect.

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