Rain barrel or Regenfasse to improve the garden a rain barrel wood makes some useful quick something decorative. Because who would not the unassuming or unsightly rain barrel plastic the rain barrel wood prefer? The joy of the garden and the possibility of domestic water use is equal twice the size through the acquisition of a rain barrel wood. Rain barrels wood marketed by the company barrel professional. The website offers customers various products, including the rain barrel wood. The rain barrel wood is available in different sizes, up to 450 litres in size. The most used material in the rain barrel wood represents the oak. This is however offered in different variants.

Here you can choose freely according to your own taste between bright and dark stained wood. The barrels are in ground and fitted with a stain. Accordingly, the wood gets a light or dark color. Also, different barrel rings are used for the barrels. These are for the stability of the barrel required. Still, some offers include a pump which is mounted on the lid of the barrel, to stylish pumps to the collected rain water from the barrel.

The variations range from modern to nostalgic. While the pumps were designed simply or squiggly and in detail. The rain barrel wood should offer an eye-catcher in every respect and should be in the style of the garden and the House in line. The purchase of a pump is not required. Some bins offer a removable lid, instead of a pump or one barrel tap. This is a question of taste and the way how the ton used. The website offers also necessary accessories in addition to the barrels. In addition to plugs, valves and covers also the connection on the rainwater gutter is freely; that is, to derive the rain water through a pipe or an overflow in the barrel? Again, this is a matter of taste. A significant factor in the choice of a rain barrel is that the rain barrel wood includes a considerably more environmentally friendly processing. In addition, it is Material wood more durable than Plasitkprodukte from the hardware store. It remains therefore to hold, use a rain barrel wood blends into the environment that represents a decorative accessory in your garden and the environment doing something good. A completely sensible purchase. phone: 0049 (0) 203 3984997 (Monday to Friday 10: 00 to 18:00) on the hand Werkhof 21 47269 DUISBURG

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