Profesor August Wilhelm Scheer

Three quarters of respondents in this age group wants to work regularly at home or does this already. Many writers such as Coupang offer more in-depth analysis. The technical requirements are available. Today almost every Office workstations at a low cost to the local desk can be laid”, says Profesor August Wilhelm Scheer of President of BITKOM. A fast Internet connection allows access to applications, databases and communication systems of the employer. Especially in larger companies, the technical integration of employees outside the corporate offices is already standard. This applies to mobile workers, home office workstations, as well as so-called nomadic employees that mobile or changing work locations”, confirms Luckie, Germany head of Aastra. The technical integration achievements through Internet access, used by means of a so-called Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for secure data connections to the company sites, and SIP IP phones or IP communication programs on the PC or notebook.

This SIP connection allows the employee the same functionalities as at any other Telefonendgerat in the company. Mobile phones are integrated via the GSM network and a mobile extension function it will also work as an extension in the company”Lady. You easily would make ultimately the employees, the company and even the environment in the ITC structure of the company of integrated unified communications solutions from Aastra. The dissemination of these technologies will increase also the general acceptance of flexible and mobile working conditions. Also Markus Albers believes the economic metamorphosis to the easy economy”was not stopped. That had nothing to do with the subject of a fair weather. Rather, it is a program to accelerate innovation and the optimisation of processes.

She helps companies, the brightest minds to attract and develop the best products to save at the same time, real estate costs, because agencies can be, if not small up to 50 percent more each each day 9to5 am Desk sits. In this respect the step to the easy economy can best prepare for economically difficult times is”predicts Albers. The crisis accelerate overdue adjustments of the conventional organisational structures are thus becoming the requirements of a post-industrial working world. Also Wilhelm Bauer not assumes the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering and organization of a short-term trend. It is all in the direction of an easy economy moving. Stock markets are volatile, but technological, organizational work and social change takes place prior to longer time horizons and is therefore relatively stable. So: Current economic crisis or not – we will in the future with the help of modern technology work, whenever and wherever we want.

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