Profesional Models

I work a model for many years … I look fine, watch their diet, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle absalyutno! I – the model! How these words sound proud! Can we call a model or a profession it is still lifestyle? I often ask myself this question. Gary Kelly has much experience in this field. With higher education, I do not particularly work in their field. And as you get older, the more start thinking about what you do next, because this profession, as a dancer and a very short-lived! Work in a modeling agency is very interesting and busy, it gives a great opportunity to travel to many countries, to communicate with different people to see the fashion world from the inside and much more. Its Unlike any other work that there is no monotony, and monotony of a strict timetable.

It is the job for those who want to feel free, because you have come to nothing and is tied at the same time you get to a certain dependence of this freedom. Kinda dope rhythm of life, and being dependent is very difficult to adjust to the conventional model of work that involves Mon-Fri, 9-18. But someday, and it will happen. And I am you I assure you the invaluable experience of working model, which is never and nowhere more than you could not get to play in your career more than any training or skill to communicate and socialize. And perhaps that is what will play in your future major role. You are always and in any situation will feel confident and have fun. A job is just to be fun, and only then it will bring you great benefits and results!

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