Proctic GmbH Jaya

Indoor positioning and indoor navigation with a system. Proctic introduced an indoor positioning system for positioning and navigation of smartphones. The newly developed system based on Wi-Fi antennas, which are distributed in non-visible places on the shopping area, or in exhibition halls. It can be so that the W-LAN precisely locate recipients of smartphones in a three-dimensional space. The system is therefore in a position to distinguish different floors. For the pure location tracking, no special app on your Smartphone is necessary.

The indoor positioning system helps better understand the behavior of your customers company. Anonymous the way of a customer can be traced in detail: the exact time of arrival, the way through the shopping area, the duration of stay in certain areas or for certain products, up to the moment when the customer leaves the shopping area. It is even possible to distinguish whether a stock or a new customer. All information will be evaluated through a specially developed web backend and graphically prepares. So information can be compared with historical data live. The so-called “heatmap” indicates the areas on a map where are just very many or very few customers. For the retail market opened with the new indoor a whole new way of marketing campaigns or product placement to optimize positioning system.

Organizer of trade fairs can be prices based on the information obtained the various exhibition areas more closely. Of course, the indoor suitable positioning system also excellent for navigation by building. Customers and visitors can navigate with the navigation app developed by Proctic targeted to specific products.

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