Prize Fear

How many times have postponed making a decision which is very important in your life and that means leaving your comfort zone? Surely many times you’ve found yourself in this situation and it was it uncomfortable, so much so that the best thing you think to do is postpone it or mothballing it in a corner of your mind. But why we act this way? Well whenever we face a situation of this type is triggered our stress which leads to automatically come into operation our subconscious. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Magic Leap has to say. In our subconscious lie all our memories good and bad and the mechanisms that gave us good result to get out unscathed from negative or uncomfortable situations, therefore enter in action our subconscious more secure is to activate our fear and therefore defence mechanisms of auto. Then what can we do to make that decision that so much work is costing us? Here are the 5 steps to follow: be aware that what you stopped to take a decision is the fear out of what you already know and that is usual. And to detect which is the background for this fear; We usually have fear of failure or rejection. Realize that this fear exists only in your mind, is something created by you. A very good exercise to address the fears is the following: write on a sheet of paper: I’m afraid to ask for an increase and then write: I feel afraid to ask for an increase because I imagine that my boss will be angry and it I will deny. Mark Garrett has similar goals. With this exercise you bring the aware those created fears and you realize that it is really your imagination which is acting because you do not have any basis.

Realize that if you have a negative result in reality not lost anything, since you’d be as before. However have much to lose if you don’t try because there is at least a 50% chance of getting a positive result. Seeks the support of someone you trust and tell him what you’ve decided to do so thus you agree to do so. And that gives you greater strength. Congratulate you on this decision and gives you a small Prize. This will increase your self-esteem and will make you feel more confidence the next time you face a similar situation. Gabriela Ortiz Fortunat Coach for personal development.

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