Madrid, January 13, 2008. For the trimmings and surprise gifts are preferred by the Spanish, according to a study. However, most do not trust your partner to make a smart choice. 62 percent of the Spanish prefer the surprise when the recipients of a gift, according to a survey that made the buying and selling portal among more than 1,100 citizens across the country. In turn, according to data from the Spanish and Spanish also prefer “caught off guard” to his partner when they are the ones they give. Nevertheless the fear of choosing the wrong gift is very present and 27 percent of men prefer to ask directly to their partner, while a similar percentage of women investigates the friends and relatives of the recipient on the perfect gift. The fact of money or a voucher is only considered by a three per cent of Spanish men and women, this unanimity in the sexes is seen again in the fact that 60 percent of respondents said they distrust the approach your partner in choosing appropriate and direct this doubt to be hit.

That’s why many turn to express their wishes. The alternative to suggest what they like is more popular among women than among men (31 per cent of them compared with 26 percent of them), while the option to ask directly what you want is one more option chosen by them and by them (12 percent vs. 7 percent). The survey also revealed information on these dates. There clearly highlights the technological products such as digital music players, but also appear sex manuals and classic romantic music CDs. The d ed Valentine is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our love for that special someone. The site offers a range of alternatives to celebrate the date. Why not surprise your boyfriend / girlfriend with a brand new bunch of red roses, fine chocolates or a getaway to a place?

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