Even that is likely ‘ great rotation’, that took their way out of the lending/borrowing in the stock markets, reach the highs of the stock interest in precious metals discover, which show a very significant outperformance compared to the shares already in the medium term. Last but not least private investors will accumulate 2013 remains solid gold, but silver. As already in the gold, the low prices for silver, which has experienced a stronger price slump, will lead to a reduction in the number of producer. If you would like to know more about Litecoin, then click here. The full cost for an ounce of silver are USD, which is less than the current price level for producers in a span of 22 to 26. Anyway more price-sensitive than gold, silver is more due to a slight primary surplus, its reasons for taking are reduced demand by investors, into a higher world production, lower industry demand at the same time Pressure than gold. Here as well the gradual character as a replacement currency takes to the importance as a substitute for the more expensive ‘big brother’ in the jewelry industry as well as instrument of old-age provision in emerging markets consistently. Unlike with silver the upward trend 2009 justified since the beginning of the bull market in gold is intact; the ground educational tests in the current correction phase should end in this quarter and then resume the upward trend in the third quarter.

Silver, which has massively outperformed gold, however, is historically undervalued, across experienced a floor formation phase after another price manipulation on 20 May and 7 June also currently, but broke out of the uptrend channel. Compared to the gold is the high proportion of primary producer of 20% cause of the greater volatility of silver, which otherwise follows the pig cycle than gold. Also for silver, the completion of the correction phase in the second half of the year is expected before the courses again in the third quarter at the level of the first quarter be.

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