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The CPN satellite services GmbH presented the new mobile satellite communication system Explorer 727 by Thrane & Thrane on the occasion of the press release. Many writers such as Facebook offer more in-depth analysis. Geisenheim, June 30, 2008 on the occasion of the press information day on June 19, 2008, to the Land Rover Experience, CPN satellite services and Thrane & Thrane together in the Land Rover experience Centre after Wulfrath had invited, CPN the journalists presented the new mobile satellite communication system Explorer 727 by Thrane & Thrane. The Explorer 727 represents the next generation of mobile satellite communication equipment and any vehicle into a mobile communications center with broadband Internet, data and voice communications. It offers the Explorer 727 by its extremely compact design and is the universal tool for demanding communications applications in the blink of an eye. Business communication, live interviews and broadcasts, disaster management, tele-medicine or access to the database of the company is with the Explorer 727 at any time and from any Place in the world possible. Because the Explorer 727 is a mobile wide-band transmission unit for vehicle installation providing permanent access to a stable and reliable Internet connection regardless of where the user is currently located and how quickly this may have to change its location. The antenna of the rugged Explorer 727 is simply mounted on the roof of a vehicle and then an automatic satellite broadband. So can calls, are SMS messages sent or transmitted data at DSL speed.

This is possible at any time by any yet as far-flung corner of the globe and even while driving. How to simply and reliably in Explorer 727 in everyday use, the journalists could test Rover experience Centre under real-world conditions during the press day on the grounds of the country. Befitting it went with the Land Rover vehicles on the dirt road to the water passage, the steep slope down into the sand passage or over the roof over to the rocker – the off-road test area offers a total of 45 challenging obstacles of log cabin and passages, distributed to 120,000 square meters in a former quarry.

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