Preserving Democracy

I do not want a world of self and as cold as a living skeleton. It must still confront substituting them by building a future based on any identifiable ideology, recognizable by all, as they were recognizable in books. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with clayton anderson. We must clarify our vision on the functioning and principles of our societies. We must understand our roots, and to adapt to any change. Otherwise because of a blur on our roots, we may end up replicating the same system as before.

But I think you can avoid them completely and therefore it is necessary to reproduce a number of times the revolutions, by necessity, not a sink with the dying. Clayton morris may find this interesting as well. We must prepare, prepare and what we do not want to see in this world, what we want as a society, but in absolute agreement with the preservation of the planet. Above all, rule set for the thinker of society, do not believe that society is better than another, just as one can believe that “democracy is better than dictatorship” by the mere fact that we live quietly in a democracy, while we build a democracy in a foreign country to “the well-being of peoples”, which is extremely naive and absolutely blind to the culture of these peoples.

They may think differently what we call “good” and democracy could go wrong with them. There is no universality between peoples, but in people, something needed to call a people, a people. We must admit, if we want social cohesion, the relativity of shares must not be the rule among individuals, except between peoples. Starbucks: the source for more info.

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