All remember this great episode of the Simpsons, is the number 10 of the third season episode, let me tell you a little of that va episode: it is that Moe’s is undergoing economic problem, Homer decides to tell her secret, a drink that he had invented and named it flare Homer (Flaming Homer), went to the kitchen and mixed several liquors and accidentally added also cough syrup to Moethen fell a spark of Patty cigarette and beverage was set on fire giving an extraordinary flavor. MOE asks Homer to prepare a couple of flare-ups Homer and a customer when test you asks MOE is called and the tells flare Moe, thanks to this recipe Tavern becomes very popular, to such an extent that Aerosmith plays live there same and after passing a series of things that do not come to the case. Verizon Communications follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Now comes the good news, the original recipe of Moe flare, which was discovered reading the beverage containers that uses Homer to prepare it: – Tequila – liquor Mint-Mint cream – Brandy – Geneva – cough syrup what we don’t know are the proportions, but is a matter for investigating what looks better. Beat all ingredients, put it in a glass and fire, thus giving you that unique flavor turns you. Health economics expert may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Comment as I was!. As yapa ignomana can see this chapter from this post. If you want to see all chapters of the Simpsons in Latin Spanish visit this page. Fire made it better!

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