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Customer needs analysis – is known on what factors companies particularly auchten? It comes the Standortverantwortlichen, to act proactively instead of reactively? Provided to customer requirements to the site to prepare is: analysis of the key criteria for location decisions. The goal is: act instead react? As usual must in economic life also the site perform a similar analysis of customer needs. In the area of active speech (acquisition of external companies), has the Internet as “Pull Medium” disadvantages and is often not enough specifically targets within its range. It follows that continue all classical marketing instruments and push media are used. Their effect is significantly increased by the combination of the two. City Manager, commercial and retail associations can use geographic information systems (GIS) for the business road and vacancy management, the city marketing and the attracting and retaining new customers. New offer companies and entrepreneurs Possibilities for the planning of locations for new stores or more stores, because the local or regional competitive environment, spatial distribution of purchasing power and customer frequencies can be analyzed more easily.

Extensively to develop the economic potential, trade data, which is collected and stored in different public and private institutions can be linked with geodata as efficiently as possible. See, e.g., Becker, Jorg: economic development as a business enabler, ISBN 9783839108338 cf. in addition Becker, Jorg: site marketing with quality profiles, ISBN 9783837097047 is the site for the promotion of tourism or local retail presents attractive and with its benefits accentuated in scene? There is a built-out city marketing? There is a presence that is aligned exactly on target groups on the Internet. Cooperation on regional and topic-specific portals ensures a wide range, including: Location information, virtual marketplace, accommodation/food, weather, activities/events, traffic and travel information. If the site will be marketed optimally, must previously be known, after which methods companies today are looking for sites, evaluate and select? To adjust to and prepare better: is the functioning of IT based search / selection process) known? Often follows a match of the structural conditions and location alternatives according to the scheme: setting up a system of site requirements. Creating a ranking of site factors with regard to its importance for the settlement with any weighting or scoring of the individual factors/determinants. Setting a Standortsuchraumes or set the location alternatives to be investigated. Assessment of possible site options with regard to the location factors. Comparison of site requirements with the site conditions of selected potential sites by point valuation model or profile method.

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