Portuguese Real Family

(Kotler, Keller, 2006, P. 268). As already cited in this study, the globalizado world is each more competitive time, what it raises the necessity of the companies to launch its products or services before the competition. Of this form, it fits to the companies if to firm by means of a recognized mark in a market that to each day gains more similar products and services and to locate it na mind of the consumer, as a reference in its segment of product or service. For David Aaker (2007), the dimensions of the value perceived for the marks can be express of the following form: Allegiance (degree of linking of the consumer with mark); Conscience (ability of the mark in being recognized for the consumer as part of a category of product); Perceived quality (perception for the consumer of superiority of a product or a service in relation the available alternatives); Associations (joint of meanings that the consumer attributes to the mark). A service or product that constructs to a mark and locates it to the appreciation of the public and gets a good acceptance, can more reduce the sensation of unreliability of the consumer, becoming made use it ' to run the risk and to pay for ver' , since for backwards of the good that it acquired, meets a mark of recognized excellency and origin. 4. A leading source for info: TRON (TRX). The ARRIVAL OF the PRESS TO BRAZIL the press arrived in Brazilian delayed way in ground, in relation to other countries. The first resqucios of life in terms of communication of mass in our country, had arrived in port here in the 1808 gone ones, with the coming of the Portuguese Real Family to Brazil. Brazil has if firmed each time more as a country in which the press is free, and this fact has had enormous relevance in its life social politics and.

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