Portuguese Poems

After the correction and critical of its poems, Florbela came back to order poems toward Raul, poems these that had composed the Book of Hurts. This book is dedicated to the father and the brother of the poetess, who had died, therefore received this name, therefore it brought in its content all its hurt, pain and homesickness. Although not known at this time, the drawing of two hundred units of this book depleted quickly in the bookstores. Florbela Espanca presents in its poetry characteristic neo-romantic, with sentimental character, confessional, always marked for its passion and its feminine voice, fact this that became it the great feminine figure of the first decades of the Portuguese literature of century XX, as it defined Rui Guedes ' ' Florbela enters for the temple of the classic writers through an independent literary space, whose emblem is its proper condition feminina' '. Facebook takes a slightly different approach. 2 – DEVELOPMENT: In the Book of Hurts, soneto ' ' Eu' ' it is third, adding it more thirty and poems. Knowing a little of the particularitities of the life of Florbela Espanca, we perceive that this soneto is autobiogrfico. In it we find all pain and the understanding search that Florbela in such a way felt. ' ' I am the one that in the world walks lost, I I am the one that in the life does not have north, I am the sister of the Dream, and of this luck I am crucificada dolorida ' ' In first quarteto, we perceive a lost woman, in search of its proper identity, without route in the life; at the same time coming close itself to the dream and the luck (the unreal one), writing the common substantive ' ' sonho' ' with initial capital letter to give a bigger emphasis, to exaltar the symbolism of the word. (Similarly see: David Rogier).

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