PoliScan Speed: Controversial Measurement In Continuous Operation

Police reports increased controls at the end of the holiday as shown from an article of the South courier by the 8.4.2010 below, currently increasingly conducts checks the police on the motorway A5. Aim of this action is according to Interior Minister Heribert Rech no harassment of motorists, but an increase of safety in road traffic. The police on the one opts for commuters to effectively dampen all traffic through knowledge of the monitoring. Comes to another but also latest technology, equal rows captured the any Tempverstosse: the 50,000-euro speed monitoring system “PoliScan speed” the company Vitronic should perform the speed measurement not only for individual vehicles, but monitors all traffic and thus for the first time also close one after the other vehicles. The courts of Dusseldorf and the Kammergericht (Berlin) have recently come to the conclusion that it involves speed at PoliScan a “standardized measurement procedure”.

The traffic lawyer sandy Kirchmann, however, come to a different verdict and can base themselves on a well reasoned decision of the Oberlandesgericht Karlsruhe by February 17, 2010. Because according to the judges in Karlsruhe and numerous experts, expert checks of each individual measurement are necessary for many PoliScan measurements. Here, the alleged pace sinners can be effectively relieved often only by using an expert. Above all doubts arise that avoid ambiguity, especially in the rush hour just is not always possible, but required the “standardization”. Is problematic for those affected, that he must demonstrate a “standardized measurement procedure” itself, that it appropriate measurement wrong was made. This is a demanding task according to Sandy and Kirchmann during the PoliScan speed, because the system reject automatically “incorrect” measurements without saving the reason however. Therefore cannot in hindsight individual measurements be determined, so when a series of measurements as were considered right or wrong. Following website provides further information about this topic:

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