Polimglass Roofing

Coming to Europe, you probably noticed how different the roof of their houses from ours, Russian. We admire and touches straw, green, copper, slate, stone roof Western cities! Culture of the roof in these countries started long ago in the Middle Ages: Is it conceivable city in Scandinavia or Scotland without the red-tiled roofs? These fabulous roof does not lose its appeal and functionality to this day. In recent years, natural Materials and conquer the domestic market and the latest developments of science and industry allow us to have a warranty on the roof to 50 let.Poyavilas composite shingles, copper, roll roofing, cement-sand tiles, zinc-titanium tiles. Scott Kahan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. For every taste and budget! The main property, for which consumers value these types of roofing systems – it's reliability and durability. Material Polimglass Italian production consists of three synthetic fibers, fused under pressure in a single sheet. Upper layer – barrier that protects the roof from sunlight and inclement weather, the middle layer reduces the thermal expansion, and the bottom provides durability and resistance to bending.

The material is maintained in a temperature range from -45 to +80 C and withstand a load of 788 kgf/cm2. Sheets of thickness 2.7 mm, width 1104 mm, length from 1,641 to 12,471 mm and a weight of 6.4 kg / m 2 are interconnected during installation roofing rubber gaskets and mounted on special screws with washers and caps. Ridge ends of the special details with the plugs. Roofing sheets are easily cut. Roofing silent in the rain, stable to corrosion, resistant to wind and snow loads and temperature fluctuations, has a fire resistance and shock resistance characteristics. A number of affordable and durable roofing on the Russian construction market has expanded roof type Imacoppo cost from 803 to 951 rubles per square meter. Four types of profile offer customers the appearance of natural tile, metal tile and evroshifera, and the latest development of the chemical composition of polymers promise an unlimited service life of such coatings. Analogues Polimglass was not yet in .Po appearance Polimglass not be distinguished from the copper coating, natural tile, cement-sand or of the conventional corrugated board!

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