Pixi * Apps Framework Of Mad Geniuses GmbH Wins Innovation Price

The bvh has declared for the first time the best service innovation out of the circle of his preferred business partner. The product was ‘ pixi * apps’ the mad geniuses GmbH won out. Munich, 23 April 2012 the bvh awards the Innovation Prize from now annually on new products or services that were introduced specifically for the interactive trade award year in the market. “With his product, the pixi * apps”, the mad geniuses GmbH it has taken exactly the spirit of the times, the bvh has wanted. “pixi * apps” is a framework developed by the mad geniuses GmbH, allows online retailers, the pixi * to extend functionality for personal needs at your fingertips.

Individual demand functions from online retailers such as industry-specific extensions, new payment types, marketplace connections or interfaces to third-party systems can be programmed as a single app. “About the pixi * Appstore” can Saravanan (www.pixi.eu/ app store) * customers 10 days free trial apps, apps book or unsubscribe. “In addition to extensions directly from the mad geniuses is the pixi * Appstore” above all a platform on the service providers and partners own extensions around 250 customers of mail-order software can provide. While the partners even determine whether the apps are offered free of charge or to even set prices. pixi * customers will receive a monthly billing of the booked apps. To ensure the quality of the offered apps, each new solution goes through a comprehensive certification.

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