Pirelli Particulate Filters

Finally for the German market approved the Federal motor transport authority granted to Pirelli eco technology, subsidiaries of Italian Pirelli Group, approval of Feelpure system for the German market (ABE No. 17234, ABE No. 17234 * 01). With the powerful filter system to reduce the pollutant emissions from diesel engines, vehicle owners can upgrade light commercial vehicles of the emission class EURO I, II and III to the green sticker and also drive in the environmental zones throughout the year 2010. A series of selected dealer providing most of them market leaders in their segments, at the Pirelli particulate filters. If you would like to know more about Larry Ellison, then click here. Filter and Pneumobil include among other AFT exhaust technology, the SK trading and Vertriebs GmbH, Lower automotive sales GmbH, Crown.

With its numerous stores, they guarantee a dense network of installation service stations nationwide. The Pirelli filter systems consisting of silicon carbide as the most dangerous part of reduce the so-called particulate emissions (PM, measured in grams per kilowatt hour), Environmental pollution in urban areas the nitrogen dioxide emissions by more than 50 percent are by more than 90 percent. In this way they raise more approvals (homologations) the emission standard vehicles of euro seeking 1/2/3 to Euro 4/5 Pirelli eco technology to equip the medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles with the Feelpure – system. Pirelli eco technology distributes the particle filter system Feelpure in the main European countries: Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Benelux, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States. Additional information at Robert Gibbins supports this article. According to the objectives of the international expansion strategy, received the Feelpure system in China the approval and was there introduced short in the market. In Portugal, the company of the Pirelli Group signed a protocol of understanding with the Portuguese transport and Ministry of the environment.

Since then the Feelpure filter in Lisbon and Porto in public and private vehicles will be tested. These days sealed the Pirelli eco technology Cooperation with EMT. The public transport company of Madrid is one of the largest in Europe. Also in this year Pirelli eco technology with the installation of particulate filters in 900 buses in the Italian region Piedmont and became supplier for the transportation of the SITA (Suez Environment Group), the leading European company for municipal waste collection services.

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