Physical Precious Metals Purchase Cheap Wholesale Price

SO capital issued gold & silver Fund Hamburg, March 6, 2009 from March 6, 2009 the drawing for the share offer so begins gold & Silber GmbH & co. KG. During the drawing phase private and institutional investors a minimum investment sum of 5,000 euro to engage plus 5% premium in this closed-end Fund of precious metals. Against the backdrop of increased demand for precious metals and the procurement opportunity associated with high premium for private investors, the concept of affordable precious metal investments so was gold & Silber GmbH & co. KG. Cost advantage of 12 40 percent compared to private investors-single purchase the Emissionshaus SOLITAIRE capital GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany offers to acquire an investment sum of 5,000 euro the possibility of physical gold and silver for wholesale prices and silver buyer important even without VAT. The result is a cost advantage of up to 12% in gold and silver 40% compared with the purchase price recoverable independently for the retail. Unlike comparable with Sol invests exclusively in physical precious metals gold & Silber GmbH & co.

KG certificates, mutual funds and ETFs. Investments in other financial products are not foreseen. The precious metals purchased by the Fund will be held in compliance with highest safety precautions in a Swiss vault, to which the access only in 6-eyes principle (trustee, Managing Director, safe management) will be possible. About the acquisition and storage of the precious metal bars, an experienced trustee, who will disclose also the individual purchase accounts in addition to bar numbers within a closed area of the customer and thus ensure a high degree of transparency in the sense of the individual investor wakes with Tan Treuhandgesellschaft mbH (Stade). Hedge inflation risk and tax-free sale after 12 months we think”, as Robert Vitye, Managing Director of the emission House, that we are offering this participation accurately the wishes of investors after a cheap and safe Investment opportunity in physical precious metals have hit. “To deliver precious metals in physical form with the possibility of offering an investment opportunity that can be precious metals become the asset class stamped often as boring to an absolutely modern plant instrument which perfectly cover the coming dangers of the economic crisis, as well as inflation risks know themselves the advantage that capital gains are tax-free after a hold period of 12 months, here.”

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