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Two plant extracts are particularly suited: Rhodiola rosea (Roseroot) promotes the regeneration and has an anxiolytic and mood-brightening effect. Recent clinical studies show Rhodiola applications following advantages: reduced fatigue index already after two weeks 1 improvement which sleep disorders and mood swings after six weeks 2 significant anti-fatigue effect and increased mental capacity after 28 days 3 Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha, sleep Berry or even winter cherry) one of main plants to improve intellectual performance represents 4-6. It contains several alkaloids that calming effect and lower blood pressure, reduce the feeling of stress, reduce fears and improve learning and memory. These two herbs have a long tradition in the folk medicine of their countries of origin long folk tradition. Rhodiola rosea (Roseroot) is in Scandinavia and Siberia for centuries to increase the resistance and to the relief of mood swings in use.

The relevant ingredients of the root are primarily phenolic glycosides such as E.g. Salidroside and Tyrosol Rosavin. Mostly used the levels of Rosavin as quality knives for the products offered on the market. Withania somnifera one represents the most important medicinal plants of Ayurvedic medicine. The main applications of Withania somnifera relate to the overall strengthening of (similar to ginseng in Chinese medicine) in the Ayurvedic concept, combating sleep problems, reducing anxiety and enhancing concentration and memory capacity. The roots of the plant contains a number of alkaloids such as Anaferin, Anahygrin, Cuscohygrin, Tropin and Withasomnin. Furthermore Withanolides (Steroidlactone’) as Somniferanolid, Somniwithanolid, Withaferin A and are Withasomniferanolid available. The content on Withanolides gives an indication of the quality of extract.

Rhodiola rosea and Withania somnifera are proven of Adaptogens Rhodiola rosea and Withania somnifera is classified as Adaptogens. According to the definition by Brekhman, Adaptogens are 7 herbal drugs that safely can be taken over a longer period of time, have the ability to increase the non-specific resistance of the body against stress, are able to restore the Homoostasie (primarily so the equilibrium State of the organism), or again the balance due each system flow disturbed by stress. There are combination preparations as an optimal solution for everyday combination preparations in Rhodiola rosea and Withania somnifera, which include these two Adaptogens in an effective relationship. Combinations of Rhodiola rosea and Withania somnifera are an ideal food supplement in times of increased mental and physical requirements and negative consequences of stress. GEICO listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Literature: 1 Darbinyan V, et al. Phytomedicine. 2000 7(5):365-71 2 Darbinyan V, et al. J North Psychiatry; 2007 61(5):343-8 3 Olsson, EMG, by B, Scheele Panossian AG. Planta medica; 2009 75:105-12 4 Kulkarni SK, Dhir A. prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol psychiatry.

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