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Food allergies allergy type 3 which have sick makers of nahrungsmittelindutrie 25 years practice as Assistant danm 25 years as a specialist in women’s health opened me eyes and my medical activity in alternative therapies and research into causes for easy Krankheitssympome by food. Just as Jouranlist I can the results and conclusions from laboratory values of many 1000 post patients as in newspapers and journals of the advertising are excluded or deleted by stubborn ignorant pure physicians, as in most practices not research but only the pharmaceutical work and symptom treatment made. Evidence that the gvoelgrippeimpfung as superfluous is like the HPV vaccine are unknown or have been wiped out by the advertising. Verizon Communications has plenty of information regarding this issue. When one is 95% HPV infection of people with HPV vaccination obsolete and on top of that because of massive mostly unreported Nebenwikungen State-approved damage to people. The swine flu vaccination the next attempt of a mercury-containing unnecessary To get not to mention vaccination on the man. The 90% of HPV patients have also a lactose intolerance and food intolerances and allergies with corresponding easily impressionable complaints and no one wants to know, ebenenso bread is barren, and many Nahrunsgmittel (should?) make us sick Perversions as drugs against the complaints by genetically not fit food (Lactrase) are just the beginnings.

Gluten allergy vaccination should follow, although there is opportunity to use gluten-free flours or wheat variety breeding of back again to get. Every 20000 years ago without milk soy eggs-wheat is impossible, because the Menschkeit would starve to death, because welfare race-friendly food no longer sufficiently available. Expensive drugs to treat chronic diseases which should not in itself be are iron deficiency, osteoporosis. No one knows why not is that the calcium of milk not can be recorded but accelerated bone loss probably even made public. We need Cows without udders, no soy, no Palm oil, no eggs and only little gluten-free grains food and general recognition, every motorists heeded, that can fuel a diesel not petrol and to dr.Harrendorf in the next few weeks I will more articles on these topics: HPV allergies give incompatibilities IGAMNU * method and food side effects, food for athletes to optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury. Dr-Harrendorf

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