Petra Kirchheim

We urge the user to rethink the workflows with his dialogues and inputs, as well as the desired results during the concept phase. Then, he should describe the test scenarios on the surface along with the integrated tools, explains how the area manager responsible for product – and process management at Compex Jorg Kiss the approach of model driven testing. Time savings thanks to the input of the user in the dialog with the desired results of the already tests that test scenarios describe automatic. You may want to visit Ripple to increase your knowledge. While the test scenarios were described in the past, for example, WinWord, the test specifications now directly in the application can be with a recorder to record and store it in the form of test scripts. The test suite manages the test scripts that the user can play always time-controlled. An integrated test control room monitors the execution of automated tests, the system reports on deviations from the expected result a cockpit back. About the test console is the user able to print out the logged tests so that the test procedure is traceable to the field input and the results achieved.

Thus, a change in the application can be tested immediately and automatically. This is done in a scope that is to handle for manual tests only by large test team which is even time impossible circumstances. Test all standard processes of trade possible core of model driven testing is the testing robot. It is able to fill the system after the installation with master data and to test the processes in the chain retail and wholesale. Compex speaks here of the so-called Compex-8 and the Compex-H. The Compex-8 stands for the integration of all warenwirtschafts – and logistic processes, which are common in retail chain, in the central warehouse of the branch.

The Compex H describes the standard procedures of the wholesale trade. This means that we After a test run with the test robot at any time are able, make a statement whether the core processes in the tested functions and sequences work absolutely perfectly stable and properly and that every day with the same test quality. For our customers this means a gain in speed, quality, safety and trust in the software, Jorg Kiss declared finally. About Compex Systemhaus GmbH, founded in 1990, Heidelberger by Compex Systemhaus GmbH has established itself with a standard software for the wholesale and retail trade successfully on the market. Under the direction of the company’s founder and managing partner of Christophe Loetz the company could expand its position in Germany and several other European countries in recent years. It maintains strategic partnerships with IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. The Compex teams composed of highly qualified experts with many years of practical experience: trade, logistics and project specialist as well as software developers. Compex owes this success to its innovative software. Specially developed process-oriented tools model the business processes for the control of all inventory control, logistics, and accounting with forms in the standard reference model for the wholesale, retail and e-commerce for example for the following industries: grocery (food/non-food), electric and consumer electronics, discount, hardware stores, drugstores, technical trade, sanitary, building materials and hardware. More information under: press contact: Compex Systemhaus GmbH Petra Kirchheim lever str. 22 69115 Heidelberg phone: + 49 (6221) 53 81-113 fax: + 49 (6221) 53 81 – 60 E-Mail:

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