Peter Druker Formulation

General information across enterprise has defined its mission and vision, for this reason, management is organized so using all administrative, managerial expertise, also fully identify the scenario where it operates, in order to satisfy all your needs, especially the arising from its consumers considered that mission is the raison d ‘ etre of the company. He is also said that it is the work, commissioned or special service that a company intends to achieve towards the long term. For its part vision: is the administrative ability to locate the company in the future, in where you want to be in five years the achievement of the Mission of a company can be reaches through what today is known as strategic management, supported in its principles, fundamentals, tools, especially strategic planning, which we can define as the formulationimplementation and evaluation of actions that will enable an organization to achieve its goals. The formulation of strategy includes the identification of weaknesses and internal strengths of the company, organization, identifying threats and external opportunities for a signature, the establishment of missions of the company, setting objectives, developing strategies of alternatives and the decisions that must be selected. Since then, the implementation of strategies required signature set goals, define policies, motivate your employees and assign resources in such a way that the formulated strategies can be carried out successfully. In this regard, the now defunct Peter Druker, pointed out that the primary task of the strategic management consists of thinking about the Mission of the business i.e., ask the questions: what is our business?, and what should be?, this leads to the fixing of objectives, the development of strategies and plans and decision-making today for the results of tomorrow’s. A second key term that must be defined, is the of formulation of mission formulation of a true purpose is what distinguishes one company of others similar.

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