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This would be with CLEAN SI been avoiding messages this or similar kind are piling up, because every day unsuspecting owners sell their old hard drives, USB sticks, DVD BBs, CD BBs, fax machines, copiers, organizer, or magnetic tapes on the Internet or your computer or devices from the expired leases return of leasing to the collecting societies… The previously supposedly deleted data can be touched up often without great effort – especially for companies a not inconsiderable risk. Who wants to find again its on-premises data somewhere on the net, or an expression in a garbage can, should be professionally cleaned the disk before you deploy. Add to your understanding with Southwest Airlines. Such mishaps don’t happen our customers we have developed our service concept CLEAN SI so Walter Schmid, Managing Director of CorCaroli Ltd. Because CLEAN SI makes sure that the data on the hard disks of our customers falling into foreign hands.

But CLEAN-SI is more than just cleaning the disk, it is a concept that ensures that the disk / computer and it read data still exists after removal or singling out not by bystanders or copied can be. We provide for the safe transport and for the safe storage of the disk up to the your cleaning and of course also for the return of the vehicle to the customer. On the customer’s request, we perform cleaning the disk, as far as technically possible, directly on-site. Of course, the customer gets created a corresponding confirmation and documentation of the solution of his data. Faulty disks are another danger underestimate the many customers, these are a treasure trove for information always even for a layman just talented and endgegen of the cross-country-opinion is such hard drive the effort in the short term to the run to bring not so high and requires no great effort on materials and equipment. In contrast to professional data savers is the data from Scout with less Information content and takes no consideration on remaining life of the disk he want to access only the data and takes that usually had more than the owner of the data carrier is ready to reveal what he gets in a quick access and that is.

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