Personal Income Tax

At the time of setting up a company, it is precise to choose the legal form that one adjusts more to the needs of the new industralist. The law offers two clear options: to act like independent or creating a society. Although in this last case different types from legal forms exist, the limited society is most habitual, mainly in the case of small industralists. The certain thing is that in the last decade, the number of individual or independent industralists has fallen a 10%, whereas the number of limited societies of new creation has become stabilized in 90,000 annual ones. There are good reasons no to choose one or the other general type of company, but criteria that can be considered when to create a society. Limits of responsibility In the case of the independent industralist the responsibility is limitless; that is to say, difference between the mercantile patrimony and the personnel does not exist. On the contrary, in the societies limited the responsibility is limited the contributed capital.

Thus, when a society of this type declares bankruptcy, it responds only with the goods that owns the company, but never with those of his proprietors. Financial resources the limited society demands payment of a minimum capital of 3006.00 to, . At the time of granting a loan, the banks ask the partners the contribution of personal endorsement. Imposed the way to pay fiscally she is different in each one of the legal formulas. Thus, the independent industralists directly obtain the benefits of their enterprise activity and must pay in the PERSONAL INCOME TAX. While, the limited society must pay through Tax of Societies. In the first case the type of burden is of 48%, in the Tax of Societies is of 35%, in the companies of reduced dimension even is of 30% for the first 15 million pesetas. Lisa Scullin has plenty of information regarding this issue. Nevertheless, considerable differences as far as the deduction of the expenses do not exist.

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