Personal Experience

Summer. Heat. Wind. Large lake. I am over 30. Him under 50.

He's my brother. He lives for another beautiful green fence. And he was about 50. He has three "C": a strong, stylish, self-sufficient. Actually the wall. He: Army, Afghanistan, He moe in the area. Swims a huge lake there again. I can not swim, almost can not.

Monday. Evening. Again the wind. 19.30. He and his brother met. They are familiar, communicate. He often speaks beautifully about the world, about the problems on Earth. Very globally. Too globally. Two of them. They go to the lake. He wants to swim, my brother is not – bad swims. They climb into the water. He floats away, returned. Brother no. On the shore of his clothes, phone. I'm running on the beach, in the head knocking prayer. If quickly – we can help – with us moe. On the shore people, neighbors. Say, take clothes. Why should I wear? I need a brother. mes in water is not included. I ask at least try, I know a place where there is always bathed my brother. It is not. Said that all moe – it is he and 2 boys. What does it? He calls, but can not dial the correct number of your business. Can not tell? Has not called. And do not got into the water, said I was the smartest. Went to bed, he ordered, if it will ask police as a witness, he at home, at his beautiful green fence. Every man for himself. And time goes by. And brother, it had hoped. Others have decided that once moe does not climb into the water, you should not try. Dispersed. The human factor. Dog brother sits on the shore. The wife arrived. Time is no more. Altogether. Nothing will change. Scary. It hurts. None. Forever. 05.20. Night. Light. Heat. There is no wind. Lake. Mother, father, wife, sister, son, divers. My brother was at the coast. Divers of his found. Brother, where bathing is always in his place. There are swimming even children. Even children. But he walked into the water War, Afghanistan, , the fighting, the world's problems Maybe the clerk? Or just do not care. 16.00. Day. Heat. There is no wind. On beach people. All are bathed, laughing. It is strange. Total 49. Could live.

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