My first contact with the Serendipity word (in English) called attention therefore mentioned to it the perhaps happy one to me. Finding the book in Portuguese of Marcus Bach whose heading is Serendipidade, the World of Perhaps, I got a series of information on how many happy facts they happen since our birth. The book approaches that although our main goals, in our way can appear several other situations until better of what we long for. This word and its direction according to author mentions the ancestral name to it of the Ceilo that today calls Sri Lanka where the princes of the legend taught that we do not have to wait for only one oualgumas goals, but the author recommends to be intent to some chances in the day the day that can also carrying through in them. Unexpected and acasos thousands of happy exist in our lives. Innumerable scientific benefits had been discovered by chance, fruits of a devotion perseverance in other objectives as penicillin, titanium, zper, etc.

Remembers when you left without intention to arrange somebody and knew the love of its life? Rare people had programmed to know its spouse, or a friend or friend who appears, a letter, a positive reply of a job, a trip that you earned without waiting. I remember a relative mine that passed years trying to manufacture stock markets and it did not obtain to make success. There its wife knew, had been married and it is one expert in candies, had mounted a confectionery and today they are rich! She was not the perhaps happy one? You already passed for an experience to be pledged in something and suddenly very appeared another better thing of what its objective? The times the trip is better of what the arrival and these excellent moments can change its route, its destination for better. You already if surprised at the notice of a son, unexpected nephews or grandsons who had made a great difference in its life? Somebody will say, but this happens with all! yes, but you value and are grateful for unexpected happy? Although it is treated as perhaps, many times we attract such happy event for being pledged and dedicated in objectives and working, therefore the life has many happy surprises of reserve for all, is enough to be intent, to be perspicacious to use to advantage the chances that constantly are ahead of us. also we can provide to other happy acasos. Perhaps if we will be negative we will not be able to see such possibilities that many times are hidden in great problems. Until the animals they promote these moments: Already they capsize as they make happy children, aged adults and? Already they turn birds to join penalties spread for perhaps making its nests? Already they turn dolphins and whales to appear derrepente making an aquatic spectacle? Serendipidade, is the word that represents everything that is that it happens for who is with the eyes of the heart opened to usufruct the unexpected and happy moments.

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