Performance-related Pay And Target Agreements Modernize

Seminars on target agreement and performance-related pay in Leipzig, Mannheim, Nuremberg. Many companies are currently revising their systems of competitive payment and agreement on objectives in attack. Management and HR managers can bring their knowledge up to date on seminars in Leipzig, Mannheim, Nuremberg. Opportunities and risks on the one hand the combination of competitive pay and target agreement is a strong effect management tool and can make even a contribution to differentiate themselves on the labour market by competitors. Performance-oriented and motivated professionals certainly rather go to companies where their services are perceived and appreciated through performance-related pay. On the other hand, negative experiences with obsolete systems from the practice are available. The combination of competitive pay and agreement on objectives has led to countless legal disputes, which are rarely decided in favour of the employer (). Performance-related payment and agreement on objectives: The devil is in the details Common small errors with large effect are the combination of discretionary and revocation clause, failure target agreements and commitments made by competitive pay with discretionary.

Rules for performance-related pay and target agreements must comply with the provisions of 307 BGB (General terms and conditions content control). But this system error can be avoided if you know the current legal situation. There are already court judgments for the most frequently occurring in practice cases. Other system error can be avoided if you know how to create this Agreement targets and performance-related pay. Target agreement systems correctly insert at no small part of the company the hoped-for incentive effect of target agreements and installed payment systems was partially or completely.

This omissions of prior employers, but earlier error of introduction of are not uncommon responsible. May the workforce has not been “brought into the boat and” taken”. Or objectives and intentions appear insufficiently transparent and credible, the addressee so that doubt hinder their unchecked power.

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