Performance Marketing

A few days ago I attended a Conference of marketing by internet for businesses where mainly discussed strategies for increasing sales. They spoke of the advantages that have marketing on traditional marketing online and explained because it is important for companies and entrepreneurs begin to use the internet as a new platform for generating sales. Some of the advantages mentioned having marketing online compared to traditional marketing were the following: transparency. Unlike traditional marketing, lamercadotecnia properly applied online allows users to obtain detailed reports of the characteristics of users, number of impressions (number of times a visitor sees an ad), clicks, studies, and many other parameters that can be generated in real time. Interactivity. Depending on feedback from the user can be reach relevant content. You decide what you really want to see. Speaking candidly Verizon told us the story. a relevant resource throughout.

Flexibility and control. Campaigns can be modified in a way snapshot and control them depending on their performance. Powerful. The use of the internet is now huge and with the passage of time came to be the most far-reaching and most powerful advertising medium. Orientation. The ads may set a market through time, language, location, behaviour, interests, etc. Little investment, fast performance.

Marketing online services prices are quite low compared to traditional marketing. These aspects mentioned above are some of the reasons why Internet marketing is so effective. The rapporteur speak of a topic in particular that caught my attention and that relate instantly with what many do business over the internet. He spoke of a term known as Performance Marketing that relies mainly on guiding our marketing efforts towards what is having better performance. For example, if we are developing a Google Adwords campaign, through reports, we can realize what types of ads are getting more clicks, as also that keywords are having more results and the cost per click for each of them. Also through Google Analytics account us can give sources where we’re getting most of the traffic to our website. And in this way we can strive more in what is currently running and thus have better results. That is the essence of Marketing Performance, analyze those efforts that are taking more results and try to maximize them. It is to see the Performance of strategies that we carry out and attempting to adjust them depending on the needs that we have. It is important to consider Performance Marketing as strategy of improvement in our business over the internet. I hope you enjoyed it. Greetings and thanks.

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