Peer Advisory: Good Advice Instead Of Lonely Decisions

Tab Germany launches peer-boards in Germany taught, 21 November 2013 – some things there is no seasoned entrepreneurs who advise experienced entrepreneurs on German easily. In the United States Peer Advisory Boards have become, however, for many years. With much success for the participating entrepreneurs. The medium-sized entrepreneur is not only free, but sometimes lonely in his decisions. Because the discussion of alternatives with fellow board members is not possible, employees can be included in the considerations, the Bank pursues its own interests in supporting and on meeting the competition lurking. Towards the consultant fails some of the money many entrepreneurs fear him but also as consultants gibberish and group wisdom help little in the middle class. So-called peer-boards are the solution in the United States for many years.

Here, entrepreneurs of from different sectors meet together to find pathways for the individual tasks or problems. Clear rules of efficient calls the monthly meetings are held in with defined procedures and rules. Because peer-boards are not a get-together with binding fun. An experienced moderator ensures that the necessary rules, so that every entrepreneur goes out with his personal gain from the conversation”, Frank Kolbe reported. The CEO of peer boards Germany opts in the offer for entrepreneurs the proven tools of the alternative Board”(TAB). This TAB is specific owner and Managing Director of small and medium-sized companies. Of course, the Managing Director of a construction company is not an expert on corporate finance. But he did perhaps experience with guarantee protection and brings a plant engineering on the idea, to minimize its previously high liquidity through promise of guarantee”, Kolbe describes how the solutions in the peer-boards are created.

“Trust and commitment under the brand of the alternative Board Germany” (TAB Germany) offered peer-boards two pillars relying on off. Trust comes first on what is said within the framework of the boards, is confidential and may not be worn on the outside. Also we make sure in building the boards, that there is no competition with the members”stressed Kolbe. The liability is decisive for the efficiency in addition: at the end of a Board meeting, each participant agrees to which task in his company he cares to the next Board meeting. The moderator documented this and brings back the pledge at the next meeting on the agenda,”explains TAB Germany’s boss. Yes, that recalls but it helps a little to WeightWatchers ideas”, he laughs. Offer TAB Germany for the entrepreneur who wants to develop yourself personally and his company, contains in addition to the monthly Board meeting two other components: individual coaching sessions, the moderator supports the participants to prepare the boards and the To implement the results of the meeting. And effective tools available online. The tab entrepreneur tools allow the strategic planning and business diagnosis also for small and medium-sized companies quickly and easily. “Provide important options for profitability, competitiveness and increasing the value of the company, said Kolbe. “Figure 1 Frank Kolbe (Kolbe_Presse_131118.jpg) BU: practical experience are often more valuable than the management knowledge of management consultant”, says Frank Kolbe, Managing Director of Peer boards Germany download: press press contact: Thomas Grutzeck T (05132) 595 41 44-2 [email protected]

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