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So the photos are many, some no longer living for hundreds of years artists, musicians and other characters each in one of today’s electronic devices you assemble, on which usually consumed information: laptop, screen, TV, Smartphone or tablet. In their research, the Bach discovered, formerly called the musician family “the Brook”, also, that they have finally collected the most comprehensive compilation of quotes about the musicians. Nowhere is there more. Checking article sources yields Steven Spielberg as a relevant resource throughout. By the way, Bach mentioned that this applies not only to the quotes. On, also the most complete and only complete collection of the world to Bach is set soon. All high resolution, “…so great you’ve never seen stamps and can experience”. However, everything is compared with the search for the right genealogy, the family of musicians “…ein piece of cake”.

Time in months and years and thousands of hours – are namely costs and is by far not complete. The Internet was also invaluable, but the real sensations only resulted from a combination of the research results of others with the combination of the finds on the Internet, in particular but also in their own research for example in churches archives on real, old, yellowed paper. The 66 quotes to Johann Sebastian start around the time of his death, when the Bach sons about their father is invariably positive expressed, beyond the first of the major biographer of Bach, Johann Nikolaus Forkel sizes as Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt and Wagner hear Bach to his favorite pastimes is to out to former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who runs. Played by Johann-Sebastian-fan of Glenn Gould, as he says, but Bach, not Beethoven. The ranks of the personalities of Bach enthusiasts is this international and ranging Kissin by Italians as the musician of Italo Svevo through the Russians to Americans, such as the previously mentioned Glenn Gould.

The list of admirers extends to the American President Obama who is one of his favorites on his Facebook page of Bach works but also by the Pope in Rome. And each age is represented, the youngest is almost more youthful Paul Falk, of dealing with completely different words the judgment his Father connects and is sure that Bach alive in the present day, “…er with most modern computers and keyboards…” Immortal would create. To measure the circle on the IQ, Albert Einstein, as Americans born in Germany certainly at the upper end of the scale to the admirers belongs. And 1st place he occupied it twice, because he is leading even the Naughtiest quote in the dance. His statement to Bach: “listen, play, love, worship – and keep the mouth”. On the question to the website designer, which is their favorite quote, Bach carries out, it was the favourite of Sir Isaiah Berlin: “it is said, when the angels play for each other, they play Mozart. They play for God, then they play Bach! “.” Bach naturally warmly recommends visiting his website where he offers all 66 citations as entertainment. And therefore he will give here no one another.

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