Patient Needs

Nursing is a profession that is based care to the healthy or ill, the family and the community as a unit and biopsychic den biosocial environment, which involves the relationship of scientific knowledge and practice, which address these aspects. As part of medical science is based on various laws of nature and society, to meet the basic health needs of human beings as individual beings and as social being that, what is considered the object of study. His character is based on scientific logic and scientific method of work, the process of nursing care. The nursing process is the method that applies the theoretical basis to the exercise of the profession and serves as a guide for practical work. It is therefore an interpersonal relationship in which the actions of individual (nurse-patient) have an impact on the other, so that those providing care can support the other in the process of acceptance of the problems of their situation. In the course of this relationship, the nurse should guide the patient, assessing their needs both physical, mental, social, ensure the satisfaction of their needs and help you find a meaning to their new state.

It should also provide the patient the freedom to express their feelings and concerns for this dispel their fear of being rejected or simply feel observed. the aid relationship is a basic feature of nursing care and essential for the provision of effective care and quality. However, it is only the interpretation of the patient's immediate needs and assisting the profession draws on other sciences and accumulated skills, experiences and information about working in any medium, especially in the community, the everyone in a transformer and useful within the working group.

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