Past Talent

But in truth it is true that talent is scarce? are you sure? First, let’s look at what we mean by talent. A pretty accepted definition for those who understand these issues refers to that natural gift that has a person who allows you to do things and achieve results in an easy way, just effortlessly. Ultimately, that comes in the pack of series of that person. Instead, other important work would we achieve the same thing, in even despite all us is unattainable. The other person is excellent in its performance, and us, perhaps only good or very good. So here throw this message: ladies and gentlemen, the talent not is scarce: the talent surplus, and is everywhere, everywhere. But this is only visible for those who know to look.

And this quality is poor! What they lack, and in vast quantities, are people in general, and in particular leaders, chiefs, entrepreneurs, directors, managers, people, etc, who know how to look at other people. But look at what nests inside, not just outside: we are talking about potential. And this is the big change that I believe will lead to the 21st century: judging the others not so you have done, but by what you could do. But of course, to get this clean look, should be cleaned inside. Because to reach this point it is necessary to trust in people, believing in them.

In short, not in what is, but what is not seen. And if all we, and the leaders, and those who are responsible for people in companies, training this quality, which is essential for the new century that is beginning; they discover to your around multiple, different, almost unlimited, talent everywhere, in every person we had / have front; computers, in their companies, I remember when I worked in the past employed (several times, and for several companies in various sectors), that only in one case had conscience be developing and using my true potential. This was due, above all, to which a boss supported me, as almost always, trusted and believed in my even more than myself.

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