Parliamentary Elections Colombia

These elections were a real democratic debate, or on the contrary the popular will was absent? These results allow us to interpret it both ways. This was without doubt the return of heating of the race for the Presidency; all candidates without exception were measured, regardless of that so wish, by results which were obtained games, although this is not necessarily reflected in the first presidential round. Following the decision of the Court, Colombian political movements, were immersed in a process of rearrangement within the national political spectrum, because and open space, all intended to position itself again and face the possibilities of access to power generated. However, and against the latter, political parties play and the opinion of the citizenship for the first time were mixed so that the results reflected very particular aspects. Given the possibility of choosing, the national cluster, supports mostly to the Party of the U, as the ideological basis of the current administration and whose candidate represents than continuity, the tranquility that things largely won’t change or will continue as at present. However this decision is also supported in the possibility that has this party of mobilizing resources, efforts and bureaucratic power which concentrates on head of their representatives. In final machinery and opinion mingle beautifully sided with the objectives of the party which are achieved without major setbacks. Its candidate then has a solid political base allowing you to develop your campaign, that both he and his party represented a real option of power, perception that is picked up by the majority of the population, with greater likelihood of success i.e.

Juan Manuel Santos represents a triumph. Different situation is what happens to the interior of Radical change.

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